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Collection: Casa M Spice Co™ Original Blends


All these blends start with our original Chain Reaction™ with a moderate amount of spice.  The exception being our Controlled Chain Reaction™, which is a derivative of the Original Chain Reaction™ with a more tame heat level for those with a more sensitive palate.

For those looking for a wilder and spicier option, try our Uncontrolled Blends!

At Casa M Spice CoⓇ, it all started with the original spice rub called Chain ReactionⓇ, the perfect season all for any meal. That spice blend has served as the foundation for all of our other original blends, each designed specifically for a type of meat. There’s Cattle DriveⓇ for beef, Whole HogⓇ for pork, Free RangeⓇ for chicken, Good ShepherdⓇ for lamb, HookedⓇ for fish and Pecking OrderⓇ for poultry. Try all of our original spice blends today and find the one that is your favorite.

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