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About Us

Our Story

Mike’s love for chemistry and cooking bloomed together as he was finishing up high school and have remained intertwined ever since. Mike went to grad school at Tulane in New Orleans where he fell in love with the scents, the ingredients, and the flavors of Cajun cuisine. Though his Ph.D. is in chemical physics, he never lost his enthusiasm for doing chemistry in the kitchen.

Work and life eventually took Mike away from New Orleans, but the flavors stayed with him. He wanted to recreate the Cajun flavors he’d known but quickly figured out that every pre-mixed blend he tried was actually an overpriced container of salt.

When Mike met his, now, husband Manny, they began exploring the cuisine of Mexico as well as incorporating flavors prominent in the cuisine of the Southwestern US. One trip while they were down in Cozumel for some SCUBA diving Manny and Mike were lucky enough to be introduced to a traditional Mayan chef named Maria Felipa de Jesus Pool Chale.


“Feli" introduced Mike and Manny to one of the cornerstone ingredients of Casa M Spice Co™ - the Chile Seco. This small and potent Mexican chile gives the spices of Casa M Spice Co™ their lingering heat and incredible flavor. Casa M Spice Co™ uses only the best Chile Seco, always sourced directly from local farmers in Mexico.

It’s Mike's scientific spirit of experimentation and over twenty years of testing and refinement at 4th of July barbecues, birthday potlucks, and holiday dinners that led to Chain Reaction™ and every blend that came from it.

With the founding of Casa M Spice Co™, Manny and Mike have brought together a wonderful team to back them up in this endeavor. We’re a tight-knit squad of customer service professionals and passionate foodies who are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Manny and Mike are excited to finally make the flavors they’ve enjoyed with their friends and family all this time available for you to share at your table with your friends and family, because great flavor makes great food, and great food makes great memories.