Stainless Steel Shakers now include Silicone Lids (website purchases only)!

Brand Manifesto

Our Story


We believe in the spirit of generosity:
our welcome mat is always out!

We believe in the simple things in life:
a home-cooked meal, a good laugh,
a heart-to-heart conversation

We believe well seasoned food has the power
to transform your dining experience

We believe there’s always room for dessert

We believe in a boisterous debate - whether
it’s over a cup of coffee, a cold beer, or a craft cocktail

We believe strangers are just friends
we haven’t cooked for yet

When we make a mess in the kitchen
we all help clean up

We believe in making people feel cared for
and understood - customers and team members
(collectively, our family) alike

We believe people can do exceptional things
when they work together, laugh together,
and trust each other

We believe in the hospitality of good food,
good times shared between friends and family,
and great flavors that bring everyone together.

From our table to yours,