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A Great Selection of BBQ Spice Rubs with Casa M Spice Co™

Great flavor makes great food. That is our belief at Casa M Spice Co™. When you want to take your barbecue to the next level or just try something new and interesting at your next cookout, tailgate or family gathering, what better way to do it than to experiment with various foods on the grill or in the smoker and with a variety of flavors and seasonings.

Let Casa M Spice Co™ be the source of your favorite BBQ spice rubs all year for any meal. With a variety of spice blends branching from our original formula, we have mastered and perfected these blends over two decades to make them ready to share with your family so you get only the best in your grilling adventures.

All of our spice blends start with our original formula called Chain Reaction™. This original blend intertwines the flavors of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cooking and cuisine so you get a truly unique, yet authentic, flavor in your cooking.

Chain Reaction™ is what we call a true season-all. It works on everything! With ingredients like smoked paprika, salt and pepper, garlic, onion, spices, and ground chiles, you get a unique combination of smoky, earthy and bright flavors with a touch of lingering and building heat from the chiles.

This blend is not just for meat. Use it on beans, fruits, veggies, and even eggs. The possibilities for using this blend are endless.

Chain Reaction™ serves as the base for all other specialty BBQ spice rubs designed for specific meats. Check out our selection on spice blends:

Cattle Drive™ - When you are looking for the perfect and authentic beef brisket, Cattle Drive™ can get you the results. Designed to complement and bring out the natural flavors in beef, this blend combines black pepper, onion, and other spices to give great flavor while using a touch of sugar to create the signature bark on the outside of a brisket that will cling and caramelize to the beef. It’s not just for brisket though. This spice rub works great on all beef dishes like tri-tip, ribs, even burgers, and steaks.

Free Range™ - If you want the perfect BBQ spice rub for chicken, this is for you. With added ingredients like sugar and brown sugar, it tames our Chain Reaction™ blend to give you a great taste that isn’t overpowering and perfectly complements the flavor of chicken. The seasoning also gives you the perfect crunchy exterior to your chicken, making the skin taste delicious. You will get truly remarkable results from this blend on your next chicken dish.

Whole Hog™ - With so many ways to enjoy pork, you want your barbecued pork to have excellent flavor. Get the Whole Hog™ BBQ spice rub and enjoy the whole hog. From pork shoulder to ribs to pork chop and tenderloin, this pork rub will add heat and sweetness for a deliciously spicy and savory flavor to complement the natural sweetness from the meat. Like all of the Casa M Spice Co™ blends, this is a low sodium formula, meaning you can season to taste and not worry about oversalting.

Good Shepherd™ - Lamb offers mouth-watering flavors and savory meat, but you can take it to another level by adding some of our Good Shepherd™ seasoning. Designed for lamb chops and leg of lamb, you can prepare meat that falls right off the bone and has excellent flavor that will keep your friends and family wanting more. Using earthy and aromatic spices that work perfectly with the flavor of lamb, you will make it an unforgettable meal by making your lamb with this blend.

Hooked™ - When we think of barbecue, we typically think of beef, chicken, and pork. But fish on the grill can be even more delicious, especially when you have a great fish rub. Using Hooked™, our spice rub designed for fish grilling, a combination of dill weed, black pepper, shallots and more help to bring out the delicious natural flavors of the fish so you get a memorable flavor. This spice blend works great no matter how you prepare your fish, so try something new and start grilling you fish with immense flavor today.

Now that you know about the great selection of BBQ spice rubs available at Casa M Spice Co™, it’s time for you to make memories with your family and friends by enjoying our many spice rubs and blends at your next meal. Give your food great flavor, or give the gift of great flavor this holiday season, and share in delicious meals and tastes.

We’re excited to share our creations with you, after spending years perfecting these blends. Using these spice blends has helped us make memories over the years, and you are sure to make memories of your own for years to come at your dinner table with the unique and delicious creations from Casa M Spice Co™.