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Casa M Spice Co® at Casa Lopez on Food Quest

Disruptive Collaborations

We’re excited to present another collaboration with our friends at Food Quest, a global travel show hosted by Mario and Courtney Lopez. This time, join us at Casa Lopez where Mario and Courtney invite us into their Casa to spice things up! This all coming hot on the heels of us winning an unprecedented six awards at the Fiery Foods Competition including two (2) Golden Chiles. Not only were we the talk of the whole show at Zest Fest, we even had our own branded race car to keep it spicy on the way into the show.

At Casa Lopez, Mario and Courtney talk to our own Spice Wrangler, Dane Rodriguez, to learn a little about our brand and the spices, then they get busy cooking. On the menu is lamb prepared with our Good Shepherd rub, and man does it look great! Then Dane lets them know that Chain Reaction is great on the rim of adult beverages and we promise margaritas will never be the same again.

Check us out on Food Quest on the Food Network and on the Travel Channel. If you’re getting hungry for some great flavored chow, all the spice blends you need to take your cooking to the next level are available right here!