Stainless Steel Shakers now include Silicone Lids (website purchases only)!

Casa M Spice Co™ Website Launches with 6 Unique, Must-Have Spice Blends to Up Your BBQ Game

For Immediate Release:
Casa M Spice Co™ Website Launches with 6 Unique, Must-Have Spice Blends to Up Your BBQ Game

Along with a wilder/spicier Uncontrolled line that ups the heat a notch or two

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DFW, TX, August 28, 2018 — Casa M Spice Co™, a new specialty spice company, announced the launch of their website today.  The website offers six very unique specialty spice blends that are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves to grill, knows someone who loves to grill, or enjoys sharing good times and good food at their table with friends and loved ones.

Dr. Mike Hernandez, Chief Spice Officer & Co-founder of Casa M Spice Co™ said, “After more than two decades of development, it’s been an absolute privilege to bring our specialty spice blends to the market.  While all of our spice blends were developed with grilling and BBQ in mind, they are versatile enough for everyday use.”

The Casa M Spice Co™ lineup started with our Season All Chain Reaction™, which is quite literally good on everything we’ve ever put it on.  In fact, it’s offered on the website it in a very attractive stainless steel shaker specifically because of that — we encourage everyone to keep the shaker on their stove and use it on everything.

We use Chain Reaction™ as a starting point to make our protein-specific blends such as our Whole Hog™ for pork, Free Range™ for poultry, Cattle Drive™ for beef, Good Shepherd™ for lamb, and Hooked™ for fish.   Chain Reaction™ comes in three heat-levels, Controlled Chain Reaction™ is milder, Chain Reaction™ is our moderate heat offering, and Uncontrolled Chain Reaction™ is for those who like to dance the salsa! There is also a whole wilder/spicier lineup of the blends based on our Uncontrolled Chain Reaction™ for those who like it hot!

“We’re working hard to make Chain Reaction™, and every blend that came after it, available for you to enjoy with everyone who shares your table.  Our commitment is to 100% customer satisfaction all the time and our team absolutely embraces this mantra” said Manny Hernandez, Chief Operations Ninja & Co-founder of Casa M Spice Co™, who runs the day-to-day operations of the company.

Casa M Spice Co™ is a specialty spice company based in the DFW metroplex that focuses on providing spice blends that deliver the best flavors possible, because great flavor makes great food, and great food makes great memories.