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Making a Great Smoked Texas Brisket

Brisket is the gold standard of barbecue in Texas. It is the signature flavor and appearance that makes a great brisket – the juicy and delicious flavors, the seasoning, the spice, and the bark covering the outer layer of the beef that really makes it authentic.

For many people, preparing great smoked brisket that is authentic to Texas-style barbecue needs to be completed by professionals to get the right taste and quality. There is a way, however, for you to make great brisket at home so you can still get that authentic flavor. 

First of all, choosing the right meat is crucial to making a great brisket. At Casa M Spice Co™, we recommend using USDA Prime Brisket to get that great flavor. It has the marbling within the meat needed to keep it moist at higher temperatures. This also helps to transport and distributes the flavors from the seasonings throughout the brisket so you get an even flavor all the way through.

Before you get to the actual preparing of the meat on the grill or in the smoker, you have to prepare the brisket with the right rub. A great dry rub for beef brisket is very important because you want it to bring out the best in your final result. A great brisket rub will mix ingredients to combine flavors while bringing out the natural flavors of the meat so that you get a juicy and savory meat with some spice from the seasonings.

With the Casa M Spice Co™ Cattle Drive™ blend, we designed a brisket rub recipe specifically to give you great results for your brisket. The flavors you love are already included in the blend, mixing together black pepper, onion, garlic, and other spices like ground chiles to give you the best in flavor while complementing the natural flavor from the brisket. Like all blends from Casa M Spice Co™, it is made with all-natural ingredients, uses a low-sodium formula, and is gluten-free. Cattle Drive™ also has a touch of sugar included so you get that perfect caramelization and texture to the outside of your brisket (bark), making you look like an award-winning barbecue specialist.

Want a little more spice? Try the Uncontrolled Cattle Drive™ spice blend. This is our wilder version of Cattle Drive™ that packs double the punch to your dry rub for beef brisket.

Using the Casa M Spice Co™ blends and rubs makes things easier to prepare for the grill or smoker. In preparing a smoked Texas brisket, you will have everything you need with just our spice blend, salt, and your brisket.

While optional, to start, we recommend a dry brine process for the brisket. Put the brisket into a plastic container and sprinkle with salt, using a ¼ teaspoon per pound. Once the salt for the brine has been completed, you can prepare the brisket with the spice blend.

Sprinkle to taste with our Cattle Drive™ spice blend. Pick up one of our stainless steel shakers for the perfect method of adding the spices to your favorite meats. Make sure the brisket is completely covered so you get flavors throughout the meat and so the outer bark can form over the entire surface of the brisket. Once you have completed seasoning, cover the container and let the dry brining process complete overnight.

To prepare the smoker, load with wood and heat to 225-250 degrees. For a great-tasting Texas-style brisket, we recommend hickory, mesquite, and apple woods for smoking. Place the brisket in the smoker and let it heat until the internal temperature reaches 203 degrees.

Remove the brisket from the smoker once the temperature reaches 203 degrees and let it rest and cool to around 160F.  At this point, you can carve it or hold it at ~160 degrees for several hours until you are ready to carve and serve.

Do the sounds of a great dry rub for beef brisket and the delicious flavors of a brisket have your mouth watering? What are you waiting for? Pick up our Cattle Drive™ spice blend or one of our other dry rubs for beef brisket, chicken, pork, or lamb and get to grilling and smoking, today.

Enjoying the flavors of great barbecue can create timeless memories with your family. This is something we have learned as we have perfected our spice blends over the course of two decades. Now, we are ready to not only share the flavors of our spice blend creations but the memories, too. Great food makes great memories, so start making some with your family with the help of Casa M Spice Co™.