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Selecting and Seasoning Lamb Chops for Grilling

When people think of grilling, they typically think of chicken or burgers or pork. However, one of the delicacies of grilling is good lamb chops. There is a process to making lamb chops, from selecting the right cut and quality chops to seasoning to the grilling process. Today, let’s go through the steps of this process to creating delicious lamb chops on the grill.

Selecting the Lamb Chops

The process begins by selecting the right lamb chops and that requires focusing on some of the details. Some careful examination of the label or a discussion with the butcher can help you find the right chop. You want a loin, rib, or sirloin chop. A shoulder or leg of lamb chop requires a marinade or different method of cooking to give the meat the tenderness that is expected from a chop.

When choosing lamb chops, they should have a light red, finely textured meat and smooth, white fat. Don’t worry about marbling like you would with beef, but the fat should be evenly distributed in your lamb chops. The lamb chops you choose should also be just over one inch thick.

Seasoning the Lamb Chops

A good lamb chop seasoning usually consists of a variety of spices like paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and mustard. Lamb chops can be flavored in many ways: with a dry rub, marinade, or sauce. Today, we are focusing on using a dry spice rub.

A dry rub is a blend of spices that both adds to the flavor and helps enhance the natural flavor from the meat. Homemade mixes are often made from experimentation, using different amounts of spices to find the right balance and create new tastes and sensations from the meats you are grilling or smoking. There are many different combinations that you can use in a dry rub and you can even add a little bit of salt or pepper to a purchased spice blend or lamb dry rub that gets the flavor you desire, though you want to be mindful of over seasoning or over salting the meat.

Casa M Spice Co™ has a lamb dry rub called Good Shepherd™. It was created through years of research and development to get the best blend of spices just right to develop natural flavor and enhance the taste of lamb; this blend adds a savory and mouth-watering flavor to lamb chops using all natural ingredients. This blend takes black pepper and mustard and adds earthy, aromatic spices to bring out the natural flavor of the lamb. It is also a low salt blend, meaning you can add as much or as little as you want without the risk of over salting or overpowering the lamb.

The Good Shepherd™ seasoning was created with lamb chops in mind. When paired with lightly sprinkled pink Himalayan salt, this blend will give you great charbroiled flavor and tender lamb chops that fall off the bone. It’s perfect for preparing lamb chops in any way, not just grilling.

To apply the dry rub, make sure to cover the meat on all sides with the rub completely and not leave any uncovered parts. This locks in the flavor of the meat while creating a great, savory, spicy outer coating for the lamb chops that pack a punch of flavor.

Grilling the Lamb Chops

To get the best results from grilling lamb chops, use a covered grill and medium to high heat. Lamb chops are ideal when grilled medium rare to medium to avoid the risk of drying out the meat or overcooking the lamb chop.

It is important to closely watch the progress of the lamb chops during grilling to get an ideal temperature and coloring. The internal temperature of your lamb chops should be around 140 degrees.

Grilling lamb is certainly different than other meats and that means that you not only want to cook your meal properly, but you will want to season it properly, too, and with the best lamb dry rub you can find. Let Casa M Spice Co™ be your source for dry rubs and spice blends for lamb and all other meats. We know great flavor and want to give you our creations from our family table to yours so you can enjoy the same feelings about great food that we do.

We have spent over two decades perfecting our blends and have now started to present them to you, our customers. Our goal is to recreate the great flavors we have experienced in Mexican, Cajun, and Southwestern culture and give you an authentic flavor, not a high salt blend that lacks the true flavors of the culture. That’s why we have put so much time into the process.

We’re excited to be able to share these flavors with you. So, start shopping online with us today and get one of our spice blends or try them all. The flavor speaks for itself. Here’s to good food!