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A Delicious Lamb Chop Rub That Satisfies

Sometimes you need a break from the usual dinner fare to try something new, exciting, and different. If you are usually one who partakes of chicken, beef and pork dishes, why not try tasty lamb chops for a different flavor.

Lamb provides a savory and mouth-watering flavor that offers a distinct taste that is very unique and easily recognizable. Of course, what is any grilled dish without the addition of a great spice rub.

At Casa M Spice Co™, we have a lamb chop rub that is guaranteed to take your lamb chops to a whole new level, making you look like a seasoned chef.

Our Good Shepherd™ spice blend is our lamb chop rub, designed specifically for lamb chops or leg of lamb with the intention of keeping the natural flavors of the lamb present and plentiful in your lamb dish.

Our lamb dry rub adds all natural ingredients to our original Chain Reaction™ formula like black pepper, mustard and earthy, aromatic spices like rosemary to sync up with the flavors from the lamb, creating an additional wave of flavor. Like all of the Casa M Spice Co™ spice blends, it is a low sodium formula, meaning you can add as much additional flavor as you want without having to worry about oversalting or overpowering the flavor of the meat.

Whenever you are preparing lamb, whether it is lamb chops or leg of lamb, you need to start with a good cut of lamb before you even start to prepare it with a spice or cook it. If the lamb isn’t of great quality, it will not be fixed by adding a lamb spice rub.

To do lamb chops right, there isn’t really that much you need to do. If you season the lamb chops properly, it should take a light amount of grilling to char it and serve medium rare. It should only take around five minutes on the grill for the lamb to be prepared.

If you are wondering if the lamb chops are done right, check the grill marks. When you see good grill marks on your lamb chops, they are ready to go and be served for your meal or for your guests.

Remember that the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co™ offer a strong flavor and modest heat, but for people who really enjoy a bit of added heat and spice, all spice blends, including Good Shepherd™, come in a wilder Uncontrolled™ version that can really spice up a meal.

While Casa M Spice Co™ wants to add some flavor to your lamb dish, our spice blends go beyond just lamb. Check out some of these other spice blends that go great with other specific meats and complement our lamb chop rub in our collection of spice blend creations.

Cattle Drive™ - Designed for beef brisket, charbroiled steaks and more, this beef dry rub uses black pepper, onion and other spices along with ground chiles to create an enhanced flavor that is sweet, savory and brings the heat. With a touch of sugar in the formula that creates the signature outer bark on brisket, this spice blend adds the perfect flavor to any beef dish from brisket to steak to beef ribs and even burgers.

Free Range™ - Created for chicken dishes ranging from chicken quarters to boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you will get a delicious barbecue chicken flavor that gives you that perfect crunchy outer skin with ingredients like sugar, brown sugar and other spices that bring out the natural flavors of chicken.

Whole Hog™ - Whether it is pulled pork or a few pork chops, this spice blend gives you the perfect balance of sweetness and spice to give you a great traditional barbecued pork flavor. With a touch of ginger that counters the heat from ground chiles, the sweet flavors and spicy flavors mingle nicely to make it a truly unique experience.

Hooked™ - Give your fish some added spice with this seasoning that takes dill weed, black pepper, shallots and other spices to bring out the natural flavors in seafood. Originally designed for salmon and scallops, you will get great results no matter how you choose to prepare your fish.

With influences in Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, Casa M Spice Co™ offers a truly unique experience that brings our family table to yours. Our spice blends have been crafted and carefully mastered over two decades to get all of the ingredients just right for the best flavor experience.

At Casa M Spice Co™, we believe that great flavor makes great food and great memories for you and your family. Family is very important to us, and we want to welcome you to our family table when you try our spice blends. So whether it is a lamb chop rub or a chicken spice blend, you know you are getting a delicious spice blend made with quality and care. Start shopping with us today and share the experience with your family.

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