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The barbecue becomes one of your most used tools as the summer months go by. Being outside and using the grill to prepare your favorite meats is a pastime of sorts, creating great meals for your family and friends for a simple family dinner or a large cookout during the summer holidays or a pool party. Whatever strikes you to pull out the grill and prepare your favorite meats, you want to deliver a flavor that is unforgettable.

Grilling your meats to perfection by following a careful process is only half the battle. Having the right blends of spices to season the meats can make all the difference in preparing an award-winning barbecue.

At Casa M Spice Co, that’s where we come in. Our BBQ spice rub is made from the finest ingredients and is all natural. There are a number of variations of the spice blends, created for every type of meat you can think of when it comes to barbecue.

Today, we tell the story of our spice blends, taking a close look at each, as well as looking at the origin for the original blend from Casa M Spice Co.

Chain Reaction - The original BBQ spice rub from Casa M Spice Co, Chain Reaction is a season-all that works well with anything. It is made with all natural ingredients like paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and ground chiles that brings a smoky and earthy flavor and adds some heat with the ground chiles. This formula is the beginning for Casa M Spice Co, a blend that brings together Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern influence to create a perfect mix of flavors. This season has been tested and perfected over nearly two decades, long before the start of Casa M Spice Co was created and started selling the blends from our family to yours. It serves as the basis of all other spice blends created by Casa M Spice Co.

Cattle Drive - With the addition of black pepper, onion and a light touch of sugar in addition to the Chain Reaction formula, you get Cattle Drive, a beef BBQ spice rub. This seasoning was designed for brisket, ribs and charbroiled steaks, serving as the perfect complement to all beef products.

Free Range - Get the perfect barbecued chicken with this spice blend. With the addition of sugar, brown sugar and other spices to Chain Reaction, your chicken grilled to perfection will have a perfect combination of crispy, crunchy skin and juicy and tender meat.

Whole Hog - This spice blend was created for pork shoulder and pork ribs, but it is all about the whole hog. With the addition of sugar, brown sugar, ginger and other spices, the natural sweetness of the pork comes out perfectly. The ginger adds a touch of sweet heat as well, while the sugar creates the signature outer bark that is so crispy and smoky.

Good Shepherd- Creating perfect lamb chops or leg of lamb is a delicacy, and with the right spice rub, you can get perfectly flavors lamb that still showcases all the natural flavors while adding the perfect complement. That’s where Good Shepherd comes in. This BBQ spice rub for lamb uses black pepper and mustard in addition to other earthy and aromatic spices to Chain Reaction that adds the right amount of heat and additional flavor to the already juicy lamb.

Hooked - It isn’t all about the meats at Casa M Spice Co. We love seafood too, and that’s why we created a special spice blend for fish. With the addition of dill weed, black pepper, shallots and other spices to Chain Reaction, Hooked keeps the natural flavors of seafood as the primary focus and provides the perfect complement.

Pecking Order - It is the perfect poultry rub for everything from turkey to duck to good to chicken and so much more. Designed specifically for grilling using ingredients like black pepper, sugar, turmeric, and other earthy spices, you can enhance the flavor of your favorite poultry dish and get the perfect golden color and crispy skin.

All of the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co come in special versions -- Uncontrolled for those who like it hotter and Controlled for those who prefer a milder level of spice.

No matter which spice blends you choose to use for any meat you are grilling or smoking, our goal is to help you create great memories over great meals. We believe that the best memories are made around great food that is loaded with flavor, and it’s why we have dedicated so much time into creating spice blends that take your meats to the next level.

Pick up a package of your favorite spice blends from Casa M Spice Co today and get ready for the many memories you will make around the barbecue this summer.

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