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Whole Hog: The Best Pork Rub from Casa M Spice Co™

Good barbecued pork can come in all sorts of ways. It may be delicious pork tenderloin. It may be grilled pork chops. It could be perfectly smoked pork ribs or tasty pulled pork sandwiches with a barbecue sauce that tingles your taste buds and brings the heat.

Whatever way you enjoy pork, you want that pork to be loaded with flavor in every bite. Having a carefully crafted pork blend designed specifically to bring out the natural flavors of pork in your barbecue is what you need to make your next cookout a roaring success.

Choose Whole Hog™ from Casa M Spice Co™ to get that flavor kick from the first bite to the last and that will keep your family and friends coming back for more. It is the best pork rub you will taste, bringing together delicious flavors with ingredients like brown sugar, sugar, salt, garlic, paprika, onion, ginger and ground chiles.

The Whole Hog™ seasoning begins with our original Chain Reaction™ formula, the basis of all of our spice blends. We add spices that complement the natural flavor of pork and blend perfectly with the original blend. All of the ingredients in our seasonings are all natural with no fillers. All of our spice blends are gluten free, MSG free, dairy and nut free, animal product free and are a low sodium formula that allows you to season to taste with no worry about oversalting.

The secret to Whole Hog™ is the touch of ginger in the seasoning that adds an element of sweet heat. It balances perfectly with the heat from the ground chiles. The sugars in the seasoning balance out the spice and create that signature bark on the outside of smoked pork. No matter how you prepare your pork dish, you will get an intense flavor every time.

Our spices aren’t just for pork dishes. You can use these seasonings on almost anything. Chain Reaction™ is literally a season all, good on everything from meats and fish to vegetables and fruit to eggs and so much more. With Whole Hog™, we recommend trying some over glazed carrots and experiencing a new flavor.

Grilling and smoking meat is an art of sorts. It takes a nearly perfect process to get it just right. It also helps to have the right seasonings and spice blends, and we can guarantee that you will get a new experience when you try our different spice blends.

In addition to Whole Hog™, the best pork rub that you will ever taste, Casa M Spice Co™ also offers spice blends for beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. No matter what you are preparing, you can find a spice blend from Casa M Spice Co™ that will get the job done and leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

We have spent nearly two decades perfecting our spice blends through a range of ingredients during experimentation. It required specific chemistry between ingredients, a perfect blending of flavor, texture, and color to be just right for our vision of what a great spice blend looks and tastes like.

After all of these years, Casa M Spice Co™ is ready to share these creations and flavors with you. With a blend of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influences, it will not take you long to taste the many different flavors and the inspiration behind these creations.

Our spice blends come available in a variety of ways. You can start with either a 10-ounce stainless steel shaker or an eight-ounce plastic shaker. As you use up the spice, you can get a 10 ounce refill bag for the stainless steel shaker or a one pound bulk bag to have plenty of your favorite spice blend.

Perhaps you have tried one or all of our spice blends and like them each in a different way, or you tried one and want to try the rest. A gift set is a perfect way to get all of our spice blends in one place. This is a perfect treat for yourself or the perfect gift for the grill master or food lover in your life.

Whether it is the best pork rub or a delicious chicken spice blend, you can find exactly what you need to spice up your next barbecue at Casa M Spice Co™.

We believe that great flavor makes great food and great food makes great memories. We put in a lot of work to prepare these spice blends to be shared in your home or at your next barbecue and we are excited to make them available to our customers so they can create memories of their own.

So pick up the best pork rub or your favorite spice blend from Casa M Spice Co™ and start making great memories over great meals today.

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