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Get Great Meat Rubs for Smoking from Casa M Spice Co™

A great way to spice up your meals is with a delicious meat rub that adds layers of flavor to your meats. Rubs can be very complex and feature many different influences and a range of ingredients to incorporate different flavors. A small amount of one spice can completely transform a dish.

At Casa M Spice Co™, we have meat rubs for smoking that will take your barbecue to another level. Made from the finest all natural ingredients, our original blends have been designed and perfected over nearly two decades, ready for you to bring this fresh and unique flavor into your home.

Why are meat rubs so important and what can they do for your flavor? Check out a few things about different types of rubs, what they do, how they work with your meats and why you will love every second of the meal and want to go back for seconds.

Dry rubs can be delicious blends that come in shakers and bags that are a bunch of spices mixed together. At Casa M Spice Co™, we have several different blends that you can choose from that are perfect meat rubs for smoking, especially Cattle Drive™, our spice blend for beef. We also have spice blends for chicken, pork, lamb and fish that all taste great when smoked. All of our spice rubs come in a variety of sizes – our 10 ounce stainless steel shaker, an 8 ounce plastic shaker, an 8 ounce refill bag or a one pound bulk bag. All of the spice blends are made from a base of our original blend, Chain Reaction™, which is a true season all made with paprika, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and many more spices.

Wet rubs are a combination of a dry rub and a wet substance like oil. Add a little bit of olive oil or Worcestershire to you dry spice blend to create an added layer of flavor and give the meat a substance that can hold the dry spices in place. Wet rubs also add moisture to the meat and prevent sticking when preparing. Wet rubs should be evenly coated around the outside of the meat. Any of our spice rubs go great as part of a wet round and taste great no matter how you choose to prepare your meats.

When you apply a rub, wet or dry, you want to make sure the meat sits long enough for it to have an effect when you start the cooking process. For a dry rub, you can prepare the meat with the seasoning and then start cooking in around 30 minutes and still get all of the great flavors that are packed into the dry rub seasoning. For a wet rub, it requires time to marinate and allow the juices to seep into the meat. This can require several hours to get the right flavor.

For most meat rubs for smoking, especially when applied as a dry rub, there isn’t much to preparing the meat on the grill or in the smoker. You can just place it directly on the grill or in the smoker and let it cook. Spice blends that have sugar in it do require a slightly different process. Remember that sugar can burn at 275 degrees, so you want to be mindful of that when grilling and spray your grates with cooking oil to prevent sticking.

At Casa M Spice Co™, our selection of dry rubs is really second to none. These original creations, made with Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern influences, are all the result of decades of experimentation and sampling, trying the blends at family gatherings, parties, holidays and barbecues. Now we are sharing these delicious meat rubs for smoking with you so you can experience all of the flavor and excitement that comes from eating real, authentic and delicious barbecue.

We believe that great flavor makes great food. The best ingredients combined to create special blends can make for special meals. We also believe that eating great food makes for great memories, sharing in the flavor with your family and friends at your favorite events.

With the right meat rubs for smoking, you can get the results you desire that taste like restaurant quality. No matter what meat you prefer, whether it is ribs, brisket, burgers, steaks, anything at all, you can use a barbecue dry rub to enhance the flavor.

Our great team is dedicated to improving the flavors and helping get you those flavors from our family table to yours, so you can start sharing great memories with your loved ones and enjoy the delicious flavors of your own grilling endeavors.

If you have any questions about any of our spice blends or comments that you want to share, feel free to contact us by calling 469-293-4400 or sending an email to

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