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A Dry Rub for Beef Brisket Loaded with Flavor

Preparing a beef brisket the right way takes time, patience and dedication. You need to follow the steps properly from start to finish to get the perfect results that give you the authentic taste of a brisket done Texas style.

You can also get that great flavor by using the right combination of spices to form a dry rub for beef brisket that perfectly complements the meat and gives you added flavor.

So much of cooking a brisket is in the presentation. Today, we will detail the steps to smoking brisket to get you the best results.

Brisket is classic barbecue meat, so there is a specific method for cooking that delivers the best results. The process begins before you even start preparing the meat. Selecting the right brisket is just as important to the process as the cooking itself. Typically, brisket in the range of 10 to 12 pounds is perfect for a gathering at a barbecue.

Once you have your brisket, trim the excess fat off the top and leave only a ¼ inch layer of fat that will keep the brisket moist while cooking.

At this time, you can start to add your dry rub. Your dry rub should be made from quality ingredients that apply the flavors you love.

At Casa M Spice Co™, you can get the perfect dry rub for beef brisket. It’s called Cattle Drive™, and it combines the spice of paprika, salt and pepper, onion and ground chiles all to enhance the heat. It’s a blend that was originally designed for beef brisket to give you the perfect flavor profile no matter how you prepare your meat, and it is not just for brisket, but all beef from steaks to ribs to burgers and more.

Like all of the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co™, Cattle Drive™ is made with all natural ingredients, has no fillers and is gluten-free, MSG-free, dairy and nut free and animal product free. It is a low sodium blend that allows freedom in seasoning. You can use as much or as little as you prefer and you don’t have to worry about overseasoning or oversalting.

You can get Cattle Drive™ in various ways. Order it with a 10-ounce stainless steel shaker that includes a one cup refill bag and offers easy and perfect distribution. You can also get an eight-ounce plastic shaker, a one cup refill bag or a one pound bulk bag to keep your favorite dry rub for beef brisket always around when you need it.

When you apply the dry rub to the brisket, make sure you distribute evenly on all sides and season to taste. You can choose to cook the meat immediately after seasoning or you can let it sit and let the dry rub penetrate the meat for a deeper and more effective flavor.

Whether you are going to cook immediately or wait for a few hours, you can start to prepare the smoker while you wait. If you are using a simple backyard smoker, you want to make sure it is set up for a long smoke. Slow and steady wins the race when cooking brisket, so prepare yourself for a long process to get the flavor and results you want.

When the grill or smoker reaches 225 degrees, you are ready to begin. Place the brisket in the smoker or on the grill and let it cook. Continue to check on the temperature every hour and make sure that the temperature remains constant. You may need to use extra charcoal or wood chips to maintain the temperature and smoke level.

During the cooking process, the brisket may reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees and stall out there. Surface evaporation causes the stall on the internal temperature. In the event that this happens, don’t panic and either wait it out or wrap the brisket in aluminum foil.

Your goal is to reach a finishing temperature around 195 degrees, but the final temperature can fluctuate even after it is off the grill or out of the smoker. You can test the meat to see if it is done by using a small fork and trying to twist it within the meat. If it moves easily, the brisket is done.

Once you have the results you want, you can remove the brisket and prepare to serve.

With the help of Casa M Spice Co™ and the use of Cattle Drive™, you can get the flavors that deliver the authentic taste of Texas brisket. Creating a delicious meal like that is sure to leave your family and friends talking and making memories with every bite as they are surrounded by good company. It’s why brisket continues to be a barbecue staple in Texas. You just can’t resist the flavors and the memories made enjoying an authentic barbecue. Get the perfect dry rub for beef brisket today and start making memories of your own.

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