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Casa M Spice CoⓇ Offers Award-Winning Spice Blends

At Casa M Spice Co, we believe in quality. It is why we have dedicated so much time to perfecting our spice blends. For two decades, our spice blends have been created and molded through experimentation and tested at various family events from backyard barbecues to holiday parties and everything in between.

When we made our spice blends available to the public, we knew we had something that people would enjoy to get an authentic taste of barbecue as we knew it, bringing together the influence of Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisine. The spice blends we have created to do this are just a part of our growing brand.

Our brand and products were recently honored at the 2020 Scovie Awards. The Scovie Awards are named in honor of Wilbur Scoville, the scientist who invented a heat scale on which chile peppers are measured. The Scovie Awards were originally part of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show after 1996. Originally, the contest, then called the “Fiery Foods Challenge” included a People’s Choice Award category, but after ballot-stuffing was discovered the awards were separated from the show and renamed.

At this year’s awards, Casa M Spice Co took home 15 different Scovie Awards, including the Grand Prize Scovie for the Marketing and Advertising category. Within this category, Casa M Spice Co was awarded first place in the Company or Product Logo category, the Product Label for our Pecking Order spice blend label, the Product Packaging on our glass jars, the website category for our website at, and second place in the Social Media Page category for our Instagram page and in the Gift Basket/Box category for our gift set.

Over the last 18 months, Casa M Spice Co has created an iconic online presence. It started with building our award-winning website. We chose Shopify Plus as the platform to host our website and worked with 1Digital Agency, a Shopify Plus design and development partner, to build a website that would feature all of the elements we wanted to have in a website.

When we started working on the custom website design, we already had a logo created and wanted to establish a brand. We provided a color palette for the company to 1Digital and wanted them to take the elements of the logo and colors and implement them throughout the website design. The design was meant to be design heavy to feature high-quality photos of our food photography and our product labels. This allows us to introduce the products and show them with the ideal meat so that customers can easily know which spice applies to each recipe.

Our website was not limited to just product pages about the spice blends themselves. We continue to bolster our Recipes page so customers can try the many creations we have made over the years with the spice blends and the many possibilities that each spice has to offer. There is no limit to each spice blend. It can be used on everything from meat to fruits and vegetables to eggs and much more.

Another part of the web design was more about our own story. We include pages that told our story and showcased our team but also had a Brand Manifesto page that helped us communicate our mission statement. The design of these pages was of great importance because they allow us to build a relationship with the customer, for them to have an inside look at who we are and what we stand for and what to expect from our brand.

In addition to the design work, we also had a custom development project that allowed for an easier website experience for customers. This includes video elements on the home page, where visitors can select a spice blend and see more information and watch a video. The development also includes a feature on the recipes page that allows the customer to buy the recipe and automatically have all of the spices needed to be added to the cart. Good website development only enhances the website and the experience and is not a distraction from the purpose of the website. These features make the customer’s buying journey that much easier.

Another part of the work with 1Digital and the building of a brand has come through digital marketing efforts including SEO and PPC. This is a two-pronged attack that allows us to build relevant traffic and build rankings, both paid and organic, so we can reach many more potential customers.

All of these things factor into our award-winning website and struck a chord with the folks at the Fiery Foods Festival. Our brand is recognizable, our products are showcased in detail, our website is easy to navigate and has a great design. All of these aspects were rewarded in receiving this award.

In addition to the awards we received for our advertising and marketing, we also received several honors for our spice blends.

Chain Reaction, our original season-all blend, was awarded two third-place awards in the Barbecue Cook-It-Up Dry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose category and Meat Required Dry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose category and first place in the Barbecue Cook-It-Up Dry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest category.

Uncontrolled Chain Reaction, a wilder version of the original Chain Reaction blend, also won three awards, taking home second place in the Barbecue Cook-It-Up Dry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun category, third place in the Meat Required Dry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium category and second place in the Meat Required Dry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest category.

Our Pecking Order seasoning, designed for poultry, was awarded second place in the Barbecue Cook-It-Up Dry Rub/Seasoning Low Sodium category and the Meat Required Dry Rub/Seasoning Low Sodium category.

Our business is more than just a good-looking website. We have the spice blends to back it up and they have been recognized among the best in the country. With so many unique spice blends available, we want to make sure you can try them all.

The award-winning gift set that includes seven different spice blends can make it easy for customers to get their hands on everything we have to offer. Here is what you get with a gift set.

Chain Reaction - This is our original spice blend, the one that started it all. This serves as the base for every spice blend we have created, using a blend of all-natural ingredients including paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and ground chiles. This is a true season-all spice blend that can be used on anything.

Cattle Drive - When you want the best beef brisket rub that helps to make your beef dishes have an added layer of spice but also helps to seal in all of the flavors, Cattle Drive is the answer. Our beef rub can make every beef dish from brisket to beef tips to more common grilling items like steaks and burgers taste great.

Free Range - For the best flavor for chicken, Free Range is what you need. This spice blend adds in some sugar to give your chicken wings, charbroiled chicken quarters and other chicken dishes a touch of sweetness.

Whole Hog - Pork is a staple of barbecues across the country, whether it is pork chops, pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches or pork tenderloin. You want to use a spice blend that helps to make the pork sweet and still have that crispy outer covering that makes smoked meat so delicious. Whole Hog is the answer, Casa M Spice Co’s spice blend for pork dishes.

Good Shepherd - Lamb is something you may only have on a few occasions, but no matter how you prepare your lamb dishes, you can get some really great earthy flavors when you choose Good Shepherd and Casa M Spice Co.

Hooked - Whether smoked, grilled or prepared any other way, fish can be a great alternative dish at a barbecue. You need a spice blend that doesn’t just work on fish fillets, but also on seafood of all kinds like scallops, crabs and lobster. That’s where Hooked comes in, and trust us, once you have tasted this spice blend, you will be hooked yourself.

Pecking Order - Our newest spice blend has been created for various poultry items and offers a great combination of spicy and sweet to add flavor to every bite. It is a must around the holidays, especially if you plan to roast a turkey.

With so many spice blends to choose from, it should be a no-brainer to put a gift set on your list for any family member or friend who loves to cook and grill and wants to get great flavor in every meal, or even an early gift for yourself if you want to enhance your meals with delicious flavor every day. Once you start using the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co, you won’t stop. From our beef brisket rub to our other award-winning spice blends, there is not a day that will pass where you don’t use one of these spice blends, even as just a light seasoning.

Our story is more than just spice blends. We are about creating family moments and memories at your dinner table or at your next party.

Great food can bring a lot of people together. Believe us, we’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions for all sorts of reasons. But there is nothing like having a crowd of people all enjoying the delicious barbecue creations you make and being silent because they are too busy enjoying the food. We want our creations at Casa M Spice Co to make memories at various events for you.

We’ve used these spice blends at everything from small dinners with family to large holiday and outdoor parties. You can make every event you have even better and more memorable with the right spice blend for the meats you are serving, just like the beef brisket rub for a delicious authentic Texas brisket.

So now it is your turn. Bring your family together over delicious meals and give the gift of great flavor when you buy the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co for yourself or for your loved ones. Great flavor makes great food and great food makes great memories. All of these things are meant to be shared with those closest to us and we hope you will do the same as we have over the many years we have been perfecting these spice blends.

Check out all of the spice blends we have to offer and best sure to get our spice blends into your home in time for the holiday season. It is sure to make a difference in all of your holiday creations this year. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have by calling 469-293-4400 or by sending an email to and we’ll be happy to help you.

We are honored to have received 15 Scovie Awards this year and continue to strive for greatness as we continue to work on new creations and perfect our existing spice blends so you can always have something to offer you that makes your meals that much better. 

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