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Find the Smoked Brisket Rub for You at Casa M Spice CoⓇ

Time is running out before the summer is over and the backyard barbecues start to come to an end. You may be using this time to have one last big bash before the kids are back in school and the long weekends and summer vacations are a thing of the past. If you are going to do barbecue, do it right with the best spice rubs for all of your favorite meats.

The selections you can make for barbecue fare are virtually endless, and that’s why you want to have not only the best cuts of meat but the best seasonings too. Each meat is different and has a different natural flavor, so you want spice blends that showcase that flavor and help enhance it.

Different meats can be prepared in all different ways, and at a barbecue, you don’t have to limit yourself to one form of preparation. If you want to load the smoker with a lot of your favorite meats, do it. If you want to stick to the grill, you certainly can. If choosing baked or roasted meat is the better choice for you, go for it.

Whatever you decide is on the menu for your final barbecue of the summer, make sure you have the best smoked brisket rub and other rubs for all of your meats from Casa M Spice Co. If you don’t know about Casa M Spice Co or the many spice blends we have to offer, here’s a quick look at each and how you can use it to make your barbecue that much better.

Chain Reaction - The original spice blend from Casa M Spice Co is a season-all that works great on anything and everything. This spice blend serves as the base for all of our other spice blends, using ingredients like paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and ground chiles to balance heat, sweetness, and spice.

Cattle Drive - Designed specifically for beef, this is the smoked brisket rub you need to get truly authentic results. Maybe you have been able to try real Texas brisket while on a vacation or road trip and tasted the flavors that it offers, the smoky nature of the meat and the tenderness that makes it melt in your mouth. These are the kind of results you want when you smoke brisket at home. It takes patience and practice to cook the brisket the right way for these results, but you can certainly be on the right track in matching the flavor when you choose Cattle Drive as your smoked brisket rub of choice.

Free Range - Chicken is a staple at barbecues, from delicious wings to tender and juicy chicken breasts and quarters. When you barbecue chicken, you want it to have the juicy natural flavor, but also a sweet and spicy exterior that delivers mouth-watering flavor. Chicken is certainly a different process than trying to cook a much-larger brisket, so it is something that you can probably use if you are a beginner at smoking and still get great results. With the help of the Free Range spice blend, you will get all of the great flavors that enhance your chicken.

Whole Hog - A barbecue is really not complete without some pork element, whether it is pork chops, pork tenderloin or just delicious pulled pork sandwiches. Make your pork dishes stand out when you choose Whole Hog, our spice blend for pork. The name is what you think it is -- we are not shy about using the whole hog at our barbecues and you can make any part of the pig taste great when you choose this tasty spice blend.

Good Shepherd - Grilling and smoking lamb is different than any other meat you will try. It doesn’t require a lot of time on a high-heat grill, so all you want is a light touching of the flames and a delicious spice rub to do the rest. With Good Shepherd, you get all of the great earthy flavors that make a great lamb dish.

Hooked - Seafood is also a great option for barbecues and you want that fish to have great flavor. When you choose Hooked, you get flavor that blends with the natural flavors of seafood and makes your big catches on the lake or by the bay taste even better.

So choose Casa M Spice Co for all of your favorite spice blends. Pick up one of your favorites, like the smoked brisket rub, or get them all at one time with a special gift pack that includes all of the original spice blends for all of your favorite meats. Time may be running out to have another big barbecue bash, so make it a memorable one when you choose Casa M Spice Co for all of your favorite seasonings.

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