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Get Great Flavor with the Casa M Spice Co™ BBQ Chicken Dry Rub

A traditional part of any barbecue is the great taste of barbecued chicken, especially when it is prepared right and with great tasting seasonings and spices to add many different layers of flavor. What goes into making such a tasty dry rub for the perfect barbecued chicken? Let us tell you!

At Casa M Spice Co™, our Free Range™ seasoning is just what you need when it comes to a BBQ chicken dry rub. Using a mix of sugar, brown sugar, and spices from our original blend Chain Reaction™ that includes paprika, onion, salt, pepper and ground chiles, you can make any chicken prepared in any way, whether it is smoked, grilled, baked, or roasted, taste great. As with all of our spice blends, the flavors from the dry rub complement the chicken and bring out the natural flavors of the chicken so you get multiple layers of flavor from the sweetness of the brown sugar to the heat of the ground chiles and everything in between.

Using a great chicken rub can take your barbecue chicken to the next level. We all want to get that perfect chicken right off the grill, the crispiness of the skin, the juicy meat and that perfect combination of smoky flavors and spices. Just thinking of these flavors can leave your mouth watering and ready to try some of your own.

Free Range™ is for all types of chicken. It was designed for charbroiled chicken quarters and boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but using this spice rub on any chicken, prepared in any way, will give you such great flavor, you won’t turn to any other spice blend.

At Casa M Spice Co™, all of our spice blends have been the creation of two decades of experimentation with a variety of flavors and seasonings to get the best flavor that adds to the meat while keeping the natural flavor present and prominent. We want to enhance the flavor of the meat, not take away from it. Through the influence of Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors, we have created the perfect blends for all types of meat, from grilled chicken to smoked beef brisket, even pork, lamb and fish.

The upcoming months can feature a lot of opportunities to gather with friends for your favorite sports team for a watch party or tailgate with college Bowl games and the Super Bowl. The perfect food for any tailgate or watch party is wings, and Free Range™ is perfect for making wings that no one will soon forget.

Using Free Range™ will help your wings stand out from the rest. Take your wings, add a little salt, sprinkle Free Range™ over them to taste and you are ready to start preparing. If you have a smoker, it’s great to set them for smoking for about 90 minutes to get some smoky flavor added, then you can go to grilling. If you don’t have a smoker, you can just focus on grilling for quicker preparation.

As you place the wings onto the grill, you can add more BBQ chicken dry rub so it can create an outer bark and let them cook until they reach a good color and have caramelization forming. When the wings reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees and the outside of the wings have perfect caramelization, they are ready to be removed from the grill and served with your favorite side sauces like hot sauce or BBQ sauce.

In addition to having a perfect recipe for creating the perfect party and tailgate food, with the holidays approaching, why not give the gift of great flavor this holiday season? Casa M Spice Co™ has gift sets that are perfect for your friends and family so they can experience the same flavors in their cooking and grilling. Gift sets come in both the original Chain Reaction™ blend and our wilder Uncontrolled Chain Reaction™ blend for those who like a little extra kick and spice in their barbecue. These gift sets come with a 10-ounce stainless shaker of the original blend of Chain Reaction™ as well as spice blends for various meats – our Cattle Drive™ for beef, Free Range™ for chicken, Good Shepherd™ for lamb, and Whole Hog™ for pork. We also include a Casa M Spice Co™ apron and reusable organic cotton grocery bag. If you know someone who already enjoys the spices from Casa M Spice Co™, gift cards are also available and make the perfect gift for someone who wants to pick up a replacement bag of their favorite spice blend.

The holidays are about spending time with family and friends, and with Casa M Spice Co™, the best way to make great memories is with great flavor. We have perfected our spice blends and made them available from our family table to yours, so you can add some spice and flavor to your family barbecue with the best BBQ chicken dry rub or smoked brisket rub. Great food and flavor make great memories and we are excited to share these with you this holiday season and throughout the year!

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