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Get the Best Smoked Brisket Rub from Casa M Spice CoⓇ

When it comes to making food, especially around the holidays, you want to pack it with flavor. The food you make at the holidays is going to be shared by many and part of the lasting memories you will have at the holiday season when you are surrounded by family and friends. To get the best flavor, you need to have the best smoked brisket rub or spice blend that can be used on anything and everything you prepare.

A smoked brisket rub can be used for so much more than the meat you prepare. You can use it on vegetables, beans, potatoes, and everything you can feature as part of your dinner table at the holidays.

Another unique twist you can put on a meal at a holiday dinner or party is to prepare a delicious and juicy brisket. If you are preparing brisket for any gathering this holiday season, you want to have the best smoked brisket rub at the ready to get the best flavor. The place to go to get the best brisket rub is at Casa M Spice Co.

When you choose Casa M Spice Co, you are choosing a delicious flavor that is unlike any other. It all starts with a base of our original formula called Chain Reaction. This includes all-natural ingredients like paprika, salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and ground chiles that supply and lingering heat. All of these ingredients allow for a unique flavor that brings together Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern influence and combines the sweetness, spiciness, and heat that you expect from good barbecue.

If you have experienced what authentic Texas barbecue really is, you know that preparing a great brisket requires a lot of patience. The process can take a lot of time, but the results can be more than worth it, especially if you are sharing the meal with people who are close to you and can see their reaction to this great tasting food.

Making brisket requires some attention to detail, but can be easy once you have completed it a few times. A great brisket starts way before you ever get to the smoking process. You have to purchase the best quality meat to get the best flavor. USDA Prime brisket is highly recommended to get the best quality and flavor from your meat.

As you prepare the smoker, use the best fuel. You can use a mix of different types of wood chunk ranging from hickory to mesquite to apple and even use lump charcoal to create the smoky flavor that you want.

When you start the smoker, you want to maintain the fire so you can keep a constant temperature. Keeping the temperature balanced helps to create the perfect environment for cooking the brisket evenly.

As the smoker prepares, you can be preparing the brisket for cooking. You want to complete a dry brine, which involves seasoning the meat with salt and covering it with the dry rub and then letting it sit for several hours, or even overnight so that it creates a flavor barrier. When applying the dry rub, you want to make sure that the entire outer surface of the meat is covered so that it can create a great caramelization on the outside of the meat that becomes the smoky outer bark that is signature to authentic brisket.

The cooking process for brisket is low and slow. You want to allow the meat to sit in the smoker at a consistent temperature. The overall process of cooking a brisket can last between 10 to 12 hours depending on the size of the meat. No matter what, you don’t want to rush this process. The best results come from your patience.

Additionally, when the meat is done cooking, you should let the meat rest before you serve it. By letting the meat rest for an hour, maybe even two, you give it time to reabsorb the juices so that you can get the most flavor from the meat.

So choose Casa M Spice Co this holiday season for all of your meals. From the best smoked brisket rub to delicious spice blends for poultry, pork, beef, chicken and more, every meal can be delicious with a unique spice blend designed specifically for the type of meat you are preparing.

The spice blends from Casa M Spice Co also make a great gift. You can get the best smoked brisket rub and other spice blends in a gift set or give a Casa M Spice Co gift card and allow your family and friends to purchase whatever they would like.

This time of year is all about sharing in great company and making memories. Make your meals memorable when you choose Casa M Spice Co and the original spice blends from brisket.

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