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Get the Perfect Barbecue Rub from Casa M Spice CoⓇ

To really enjoy the flavors of barbecue, you need the right barbecue rub. Not all barbecue is created equal and you can’t expect that the same spice blend is going to produce the same results on different types of meat.

You want to be able to get the spices that work the best on each type of meat so you experience the natural flavors even better than before. You need the best rub possible to do that, one that has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure that you are getting the best combination of spices, herbs, and flavors.

It’s why you should choose Casa M Spice Co, the leader in barbecue spice blends for all of your favorite types of meat.

Starting with the original Chain Reaction formula, we have created spice blends for everything you could possibly prepare on the grill, in the smoker or any other way you like your barbecue cooked. The possibilities are truly endless. So let’s introduce you to our spice blends, each one perfect for specific meat with endless options for using it in your own unique way.

Chain Reaction - This is the original Casa M spice blend. It is a true season all and can be used on virtually anything from your favorite meats to fruits and vegetables to eggs and even on the rim of your favorite margaritas. If you want something that offers some heat, sweetness, and spice and works on any food you may be preparing for guests, this is the choice for you. All of our other spice blends start with a base of the Chain Reaction formula.

Cattle Drive - When you think of brisket, you think of the juicy and tender meat and the outer crisp that forms when it is prepared just right in the smoker. You can get that when you choose Cattle Drive, our barbecue rub for beef. Use it to get the authentic flavor you expect from beef brisket, but also on other traditional grilling items like steaks, burgers and more.

Free Range - From chicken wings to tender rotisserie chicken, an essential part of barbecue is having a chicken dish ready for your guests. For the best flavor for your chicken that adds some sweetness and gives you a flavorful and crispy skin while keeping the meat tender and juicy, choose Free Range, the spice blend for chicken that includes sugar to put a sweet touch onto a spicy flavor.

Whole Hog - What is a barbecue without pulled pork sandwiches or delicious pork tenderloin that literally falls apart after hours of smoking? To get the best flavor for your pork dishes from tenderloin, pork chops or pork ribs, season your pork with Whole Hog. This can be the perfect complement to a delicious barbecue sauce that goes with your ribs and mixes sweet and spicy flavors nicely to give you the best of both.

Good Shepherd - Lamb is a delicacy and if you are going to take the time to get it and prepare it, you want it to taste the best it can be. For the best flavor, choose Good Shepherd, the lamb barbecue rub from Casa M Spice Co. This spice blend includes earthy flavors that balance the other spicy and sweet flavors to create a taste unlike any other when you use Casa M Spice Co spice blends.

Hooked - You can take your barbecue to the next level when you include seafood on the menu. With everything from salmon to scallops to shellfish like crabs and lobster, you can’t go wrong when you offer fish to your guests. When you want to enhance the flavor of your grilled or smoked seafood, choose Hooked, a spice blend for fish and seafood that locks in the natural flavor of the fish while bringing together many additional flavors like garlic, onion, dill weed, and black pepper.

Pecking Order - You can stick to Casa M Spice Co’s chicken rub for your other poultry, or you could try our poultry rub for meats like turkey, duck or goose. This can be the perfect seasoning for a camper and hunter who likes to get their meat themselves and prepare it on site. If you are not the hunter type, it works great in your own home too.

Uncontrolled Seasonings - If you like the added heat and want to take it to the next level, all of the spice blends available come in Uncontrolled versions that pack an extra punch.

With Casa M Spice Co, there is a barbecue rub for everything and it can make your barbecue taste great. We have tested all of these spice blends to make sure they are everything we expect great barbecue to be and now we are sharing them with you. So now it is your turn to take these spice blends and make some spectacular barbecue.

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