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How to Use Meat Rubs for Smoking

If you are a barbecue fan, you don’t want to just get the best BBQ when you’re out on the town, you want to be able to create your own barbecue with the best meats, finest spices and rubs, and a proper cooking technique.

But what if you are new to barbecue, particularly the process of smoking meats? How can you get the best results if you have never tried it before?

Today, we’ll give you some tips on smoking meats like a champ and getting the most flavor out of your homemade barbecue.

First, it’s all about preparation. You will need to know a few tips before the smoking process even begins:

Give It Time - Before you even begin the process, you need to remember that smoking meats is a process. It takes time. You will want to set aside the time to prepare everything properly. And remember to have fun while barbecuing too.

Get the Right Meats - There is no wrong meat for smoking, but learn which cuts and styles are the best. For example, the difference in the tenderness of baby back ribs and spare ribs is minimal and the taste of spare ribs is superior, even if baby backs are the more common ribs available on barbecue menus. Do some research on which meats can provide the best flavors for your barbecue.

Use the Right Wood - Choosing the right wood for your smoker is of great importance. You don’t want sap woods because they will ruin the flavor of your meats. Mesquite has a very distinct and strong flavor that is very popular in Texas regional BBQ. The most common woods used for smoking are hickory, oak, apple, pecan, and sometimes cherry. If you can find wood chunks, they are a better choice because they burn more evenly and flare up less than chips, but chips work as well.

Maintain Temperature with Coals - An important part of the smoking process is that you need your grill or smoker to remain at a constant temperature. You can’t just start on a whim with fresh coals. You need to prepare them, possibly on another grill, before using them to maintain a constant temperature in your smoker.

Have a Great Meat Rub for Smoking - Using a rub for your meats allows you to capture and seal in all of the flavor of the meat while getting a flavorful outer crust that locks in the smoky taste. At Casa M Spice Co™, we know meat rubs for smoking. We use all natural ingredients that bring out the smoke and add some lingering heat to your meats. Try our many combinations and creations on your meats to find your favorite.

Once the preparation is complete, the process of smoking meats can begin. Just like with the preparation, there are tips and tricks to know about the process.

Starting the Process - It’s ideal for smoking meats to have a smoker you can use, but if you are a first-time smoker and are just getting started, you may only have a grill at your disposal. That’s okay. You can still achieve great results with a standard charcoal grill. Sure, it will change the amount you can smoke at one time, but it can still produce results. If using a standard grill, pile your coals to one side of the grill. Keep track of your temperature too. You want to reach 225-250 degrees and not let it get any hotter.

Temperature Control - Once the temperature reaches 225-250 degrees, it needs to be maintained. It is at this point that you can set up the remainder of the grill, place your meat on the grill, put the lid on, and make sure the open damper of the grill lid is over the meat so that oxygen can get to the coals and keep them lit while pushing the heat through to the meat.

Be Patient - Once you’ve set the meat, don’t touch it. There is no reason to moisten the meat by spraying water or to flip the meat if you aren’t cooking over a flame, so just let it sit and let the meat absorb the heat and smoke. 

The Final Steps - It will take several hours for you to reach the right result. Each piece of meat has a target temperature to end the cooking/smoking process. It's important to know the target temperature and monitor the meat to ensure you get to that temperature, but not overshoot it. Once you are done, you can remove them from the grill and dig in.

Smoking meats is a process, but it can produce the best tasting meat you have ever created. You enjoy getting great barbecue when you eat out, but it’s even better when you can create it on your own. With Casa M Spice Co™ meat rubs for smoking, you can take our flavor creations and bring them into your home, prepared on the grill or in a smoker.

It’s all about great flavor at Casa M Spice Co™, and we’re excited to bring those flavors from our family table to yours.

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