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The Best Brisket Rub is at Casa M Spice CoⓇ

The holidays are a great time for food, and while there are traditions of Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham and other delicious foods that you include at the family table, you don’t have to stick to hardened traditions for every holiday event. You can do what you do best and choose barbecue for your holiday meals.

It’s what we have done at Casa M Spice Co. We are a family of food lovers who enjoy great flavor and delicious food at every meal. When it comes to preparing food, you need to have a seasoning or spice blend that works on everything you want to have at your table.

Imagine having a holiday meal where brisket is front and center. There are a few great reasons to do this. First, it’s something different. Maybe you have spent your entire life having turkey or ham at every single holiday and just want to try something new or change things up. A brisket may seem a little out of left field when you set the table, but once everyone digs in and starts eating, it’s hardly out of the ordinary. A change can be good, and once you try it, you will want to make it your new tradition.

Another reason is if you are planning to give someone a new smoker for the holidays. It’s such an exciting gift that you may want to give it a test drive right away. Put your smoker to immediate use and use it to prepare the holiday feast. Whether you decide to try something new and different with brisket or stick to traditional food like turkey or ham, you can get great flavor when you smoke your favorite meats.

Of course, you can’t have beef brisket for a holiday meal without having the best brisket rub around and that comes from Casa M Spice Co. The spice blends from Casa M Spice Co bring an added heat and spice to your meals, helping to enhance the natural flavor of the meat. With the holidays in mind, there are two things we will discuss today. The first is how to properly smoke your favorite meats for meals during the holiday season. The second is about how you can give the gift of Casa M Spice Co to your family and friends during the holidays.

Smoking Meats in Winter

The process of smoking meats for barbecue is already a process that requires a lot of patience. For many people, creating great barbecue is a staple of summers, but many stop and take a break over the winter. For the true die-hard barbecue lovers, there is no bad time to have barbecue. That said, smoking meat in the winter is very different from the summer, especially if you live in a place that has very cold temperatures. It becomes even more of a challenge to get it just right and to get the best results and can require even more patience and practice. We have some tips for the things you can do to have success when smoking meats in winter or colder weather.

Buy the Right Smoker - If the smoker you get is not quality, it will not be suitable for smoking in winter. A poor-quality model will have thin walls, which matters quite a bit when you attempt to smoke meat in winter. It takes more time and effort to get the smoker to the right temperature when the outdoor temperature is lower, so you need to use more fuel and have thick walls that allow for the heat to be retained. 

Find the Right Place to Prepare - Before you actually begin the process, you need to prepare a place for the smoker. This can be difficult in weather conditions, especially if you get a lot of snow. You want to keep the smoker in a place where it can be out of the wind and elements, giving you much better conditions for smoking meat, while avoiding places that are potentially flammable and dangerous for a smoker. Before you use your smoker, make sure that it is not covered with snow or ice and check to see if any of the parts are frozen. Move it to a garage and let it thaw if needed. You also never want to leave the smoker in a closed area. The scent from the burning wood or charcoal will leave a lingering scent and can be harmful to your health if breathed in. 

Creating Insulation - Adding some form of insulation to your smoker is not required, but it will only help you get the consistent temperature for smoking and the results you want most similar to when you prepare food in the conditions of summer. There are methods that you can buy in stores that are specific to a smoker, but you can also make your own using materials like a welding blanket, furnace insulator, aluminum foil insulation or another material that has insulating properties and can both resist and help retain a high temperature.

Warm Up and Adding Fuel - When the smoker is in place, it’s time to get cooking. But that can be a challenge in the winter. You should start the smoker and let it get to the appropriate heat. You will need patience as the smoker heats up. If there is good insulation, the process of heating up the smoker can take a little less time and retain the temperature better. 

Keep the Lid Closed - No matter what, the lid to the smoker absolutely needs to remain closed at all times to build heat and retain it. Even opening the smoker for just a couple of seconds is enough time for a lot of heat to escape. There will certainly be a temptation to check the smoker and check the individual dish and it can make the process longer. 

Plan Accordingly - When it comes to smoking any meat, you have to plan accordingly for the time it will take to prepare it properly. Smoking meat is a process of patience. In the winter, that is an even truer statement. Even if a recipe says that smoking certain meat takes six hours or 10 hours, use your own judgment on when it is done and plan for the process to require extra time in the smoker.

Cleaning Up - The process does not end when you finish preparing the food. You need to clean the grill and smoker up right away. It is ultimately easier to do when the grill is still hot since grease and food residue is easier to remove with just a regular brush. Remove the ash and empty the grease tray immediately so that nothing is left behind to freeze. Leave the smoker outside until it cools, which should only take a few minutes in the cold temperatures.

Give the Gift of Great Spice Blends

The other part of your barbecue is choosing the right spice blend. You don’t want some generic spice blend for your brisket, you want the best brisket rub you can get. 

It’s why people turn to Casa M Spice Co because there are individual spice blends created for specific meats that help to complement the flavor perfectly. For example, the best brisket rub you can find is Cattle Drive, designed specifically for brisket and other beef meals. There are spice blends specifically made for chicken, pork, lamb, fish, and poultry as well, so no matter what you plan to serve this holiday season, you can use a spice blend made just for your meals. 

These spice blends are also designed to be used in many different ways, so no matter how you prepare your food, you can enjoy these spices. You can also use these spice blends as part of your meals in many other ways too. The spice blends we offer taste great on potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and even eggs. These truly are season-all spice blends that can be used at every meal every day.

Because of this, it makes Casa M Spice Co the perfect gift. There are many ways to give the gift of great spices and flavor this holiday season. There are several gift sets available for you to choose from. You can start with something simple like a Mini Ranch Pack that includes three popular spice blends -- Cattle Drive, Free Range, and Whole Hog. You can also go big with the complete original spice blend stainless shaker gift set. This gift set includes all seven of the Casa M Spice Co spice blends, each with their own stainless steel shaker. You also get an apron and reusable grocery bag with the Casa M Spice Co logo as part of the set. This gift is perfect for the foodie or grillmaster in your life who can’t get enough of preparing food or tasting the great flavor of delicious and properly-cooked barbecue. 

That is what Casa M Spice Co is all about. For nearly two decades, we have been perfecting our spice blends through constant experimentation. We have combined spices and flavors to create something truly unique, influenced by Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors. 

The reason for this is because what we believe is that great flavor makes great food. The best gatherings are always around people you love and when you enjoy great food, it just makes the entire experience better. It is especially true at this time of year that you want to sit down and share meals with the people who are closest to you. When you can enhance the meal with great food, it makes everything that much better.

Great food helps to make great memories. This time of year is all about making great memories, and you should certainly do your part in contributing to the memories. Put these spice blends to use, like the best brisket rub, and create a meal that no one will soon forget. Share a meal with those you love most and see how you soon are sharing more than just food. You share laughs. You reminisce about past holidays and the great times you have spent in the years prior. You share how thankful you are to have these people that are so close to you together with you for these precious holidays and how much they mean to you.

Bring it all together when you choose Casa M Spice Co and make delicious meals for the holidays and all year. What better gift is there than that? Get your gift set today for your loved ones or get the best brisket rub ahead of your holiday feast so you can be prepared to make great-tasting food.

The Casa M Spice Co spice blends started as family recipes and were tested among families. In this time of holidays and sharing time with family, it’s your turn to experience what Casa M Spice Co has to offer with your family.

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