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Use Beef Brisket Rubs to Your Advantage

On the surface, the process of preparing brisket the right way can seem complicated. It is a process that you know requires patience and that can take a long time. You want to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste and that the process works.

Chances are the reason you want to make smoked brisket on your own is because you tried authentic Texas smoked brisket somewhere before and now you want to try to create those results on your own. You love grilling and barbecue and the possibility of having that on your own at any time can be exciting. But the preparation can get complicated. If you are new to barbecue, you can easily get frustrated with the results of your brisket. It’s not as simple as cooking steaks or burgers on the grill and some of the early results can be far from the finished product you desire.

One way to get an advantage is to use beef brisket rubs that can bring out the best in your brisket and give it the flavor that you would expect. Today, we will look at some tips and steps you can take to make cooking your brisket a little easier so you get the results you want from the beginning.

There is more to preparing brisket than just the cooking process. You have to select the best cut of meat, you have to have it trimmed right, you have to season it properly with beef brisket rubs and you then you enter the cooking phase. So there are more steps to creating the perfect brisket than just how you cook it and the patience required to let the meat cook fully and get the best results.

Selection and Trimming - Making a great brisket starts long before you actually begin the cooking process. When you go to a butcher shop or supermarket to get brisket, you need to choose a cut of meat that will help deliver a lot of natural flavors. Brisket is a tough cut of meat that requires a low and slow cooking process. When you choose the brisket, you want one that has good marbling and a thick flat. This will help the meat cook at the same rate throughout. Leave about a quarter-inch of fat so that you can still get some juicy flavors from the meat and prevent it from drying out.

Apply the Rub - Choosing beef brisket rubs should depend on the flavors you want to have. When you choose the rub from Casa M Spice Co, you get a combination of Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors. There are many common ingredients to spice rubs like salt and pepper, paprika, onion, and garlic powder. No matter what ingredients you choose to use, you want to apply it evenly to the meat and invest in a rub shaker that helps to coat the meat evenly.

Prepare the Smoker - As you prepare for the cooking process, start by preparing your smoker with the wood you are going to use and getting it up to temperature. You want to start by bringing your brisket to a temperature that is between 225 degrees and 250 degrees and prepare for one hour of cooking for pound.

The Smoking Process - The cooking process can take several hours, usually up to 12, and you want to monitor the progress of the meat from the start of the cooking process. Make sure the fire is constantly burning and that a clean smoke is coming out of the smoker. Avoid looking at the meat as much as possible. The more you check on the meat and open the smoker, the more heat you are losing in the process.

Wrapping the Brisket - If you want to try to speed up the process just a little, you may want to consider wrapping the brisket in foil after four to six hours of cooking. This will help seal in moisture and cook the meat faster and can speed up the process if you have guests waiting for the beef. You can wrap the meat and add it back to the smoker until it reaches an internal temperature of 185-195 degrees and then remove it.

Resting and Slicing - After removing the brisket from the smoker, let it rest for about an hour before you are ready to start slicing and serving. Then you can enjoy the beef brisket rubs and the flavors they provide to your meat with all of your family and friends.

To get the best flavor on your barbecue favorites, choose Casa M Spice Co for the best spice blends and beef brisket rubs that really make a difference with the way your meat tastes and helps to create lasting memories over delicious food. Make great memories today with all of your favorite barbecue fares by making Casa M Spice Co a regular part of your smoking and grilling.

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