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What Makes a Good Brisket Rub?

When it comes to barbecue, it is all about the flavor. That’s certainly what we care about most at Casa M Spice Co. We have spent years constructing the best dry rubs for all meats and foods that can be placed on the grill, in the smoker and prepared a number of other ways. Why? Because we love food that tastes good, that brings us together with others.

Food is a great bonding tool. It is a central part of every gathering and party you will host. People have a better time when they have their hunger satisfied. That hungry feeling can bring a number of emotions into play, but eating a good meal can take all of them away and replace them with laughter, smiles and a good vibe overall. Great flavor makes great food and great food creates great memories. That is what we believe and what we try to deliver in each spice blend.

Brisket can be one of the toughest meats to prepare because there is a very specific flavor people go for and it takes a long process to get it. What do you need for a delicious brisket? You need the right brisket, the cut of meat that already has a lot of natural flavor potential and has been trimmed for the best results. You need a smoker to prepare the meat. You need a good brisket rub that enhances the flavor, gives it that extra spice and sweetness. And you need time and patience to let it go through this process correctly.

The process for creating brisket usually starts with a dry brine. Start by seasoning the brisket with salt first and then add a good brisket rub, covering all sides of the meat. This layer of seasoning is going to lock in the natural flavors and give the meat the outer bark that you want.

What goes into a good brisket rub? There are several spices you can use. At Casa M Spice Co, all of our rubs start with a base of Chain Reaction, our season all formula that tastes great on anything and everything. We added sugar, salt and pepper, and other ingredients to the base which contains everything from paprika to garlic and onion powder to ground chiles to mix together sweet, smoky, salty and spicy to give you a multitude of flavor profiles. You use our mixture for beef brisket call Cattle Drive and let it sit overnight in a covered bin to let the dry brining take place.

The next day, you begin the cooking process. Smoking an authentic Texas-style brisket can take between 10 to 12 hours, so there will be a lot of time waiting, but the wait will be worth it when you taste the flavor.

Before you start cooking the brisket, get the smoker ready by loading in your preference of wood and get the temperature up to around 250 degrees. At this point, you can place the brisket into the smoker and let it cook until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees, which will take a majority of the 10 to 12 hour period. The total time depends on the size of the brisket and its weight.

Once the brisket is finished, remove it from the smoker and let it sit and cool until the temperature reaches 160 degrees. You can then either carve and serve right away or wrap it in butcher paper and move to a cooler to retain the heat and wait to serve until later.

For a good brisket rub that delivers the results you want, that taste like an authentic Texas BBQ joint, get the best from Casa M Spice Co. With Casa M Spice Co, you get spices that have been carefully crafted and perfected over the last two decades with influence in Cajun, Mexican, and Southwestern cuisine, providing a unique flavor profile.

This dry rub recipe has been tested and tried on family and friends of ours at Casa M Spice Co, so we know from many trials that these spice blends work great and can be used on everything from smoked brisket to charbroiled steaks and everything in between.

So get your favorite spice blends from Casa M Spice Co and share the gift of good brisket rub with friends and family by purchasing our gift sets. Give the grillmaster in your life the gift of great flavor.

Want to know more about our spice blends or what recipes we recommend? We have an entire section of our website dedicated to recipes that we have tried in our own home that will work great for you too. Check them out and get cooking today. You are sure to love what the flavors of Casa M Spice Co do for your barbecue.

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