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Get a Perfect Blend with the Best Pork Rub from Casa M Spice Co™

Good barbecue can sometimes be hard to find and even harder to make on your own, especially if you have high standards. It is not impossible to make great barbecue when you use the best spice rubs.

This is where we come in at Casa M Spice Co™. With so many delicious spice blends that have been crafted and perfected over nearly two decades, we want to give the gift of great barbecue flavor to our customers.

There are many great flavors that we offer, all based on our Chain Reaction™ formula, a true season-all that combines spicy and sweet flavors for a truly unique experience. Additional ingredients to our Chain Reaction™ formula create our many spice blends, designed for specific types of meat, like our pork rub called Whole Hog™, the best pork rub you will find.

We’re about the whole hog at Casa M Spice Co™ (hence the name) and our pork rub works great on everything from pork shoulder, ribs, chops, and tenderloin. It is the best pork rub for however you choose to prepare your pork, through smoking, grilling or any other way you can imagine.

We add spices like sugar, brown sugar, ginger, and additional spices to our Chain Reaction™ formula to create this unique flavor. The spices mix with the heat from the ground chiles and the natural sweetness of the sugar to bring out the natural flavors of pork and give you that tremendous flavor that stands out. The sugars also create a great bark when grilling or smoking and the ginger provides a unique touch of added sweetness to counter the heat and blend perfectly.

This blend, like all of our spice blends, is also a low salt formula, which means you can season to taste with as much or as little of the spice blend as you prefer without having to worry about oversalting. Our spice blends are also gluten free, MSG free, dairy and nut free and contain no fillers. These are all-natural ingredients that go into our spice blends and we are proud to keep it that way.

It is over the last two decades that we perfected these blends through many rounds of experimentation to find the best flavor combinations. With influences in Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, we provide a unique flavor profile that brings many different regions and cultures together.

That’s part of what we do at Casa M Spice Co™. Our team is a family and many of the ideas we have for spice blends started or were first sampled by our families. We want to share that experience with you and your family and friends.

We know that food is an essential part of gathering. We have already made so many great memories of our own trying these flavors and perfecting them. Now we want to share that with you and bring a little bit of our family table to yours. At Casa M Spice Co™, we believe that great flavor makes great food and great food makes great memories, and we are so excited to play a small part in your memories with our spice blends.

When you choose Casa M Spice Co™, don’t limit yourself to the best pork rub. We have a number of other flavors and spice blends created for other meats that taste just as good and are designed to do the same thing -- bring out the natural flavors of the meat and enhance them with a flavor profile that fits the type of meat. With spice blends created especially for beef, chicken, lamb and even seafood, you can enjoy our creations on virtually anything you can grill or barbecue, right down to fruit kabobs or eggs.

Need a recipe to put the best pork rub you will try to work? Check out the many recipes we have tried and perfected for ourselves that can work wonders for you. For pork, one of the best recipes we have to share is for Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder.

Once you have completed a dry brine and seasoned the pork shoulder evenly with the Whole Hog™ seasoning, heat your smoker to 225 degrees and load the pork shoulder in for cooking. It should take about 12 to 15 hours for the pork shoulder to cook properly and hit an internal temperature of 200 degrees. When the pork reaches this temperature, remove it, wrap it in foil and let it sit until the internal temperature reaches around 160 degrees. Once it has rested and reaches the desired temperature, you can start to pull the pork apart, place into a serving bowl and enjoy.

We hope that you find these spice blends as enjoyable as we do and make it a regular part of your meals, making more and more memories at your family table with Casa M Spice Co™. Try all of our spice blends today and find your favorite.

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